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... had my boyfriend try it out. It's really GREAT.

Cindy Stevens

... the most powerful penis enhancement product on the market..

Jack M.

... did the trial package over the last 2 months. The results are magnificent...

John K. - Arkansas

This testimonials are the result of a trial that we performed with the Penis Growth Patch Rx. We shipped free penis enlargement patches to 200 random clients and had them assess the penis growth product's qualitys.
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How the Penis Enlarge Patch works

Simple, Safe, and Fast Penis Enlargement Solution!

Dermal Patch Technology is the best-known approach to deliver drugs through the skin without using a needle. Dermal Patch Technology is the most effective and efficient means by which to benefit from ingesting an enhancement product.

Using the Penis Enlarge Patch
is very easy!

The Penis Growth Patch should be placed on hairless, dry area of the lower abdomen or buttocks every 3 days . Rubbing alcohol is recommended to ensure optimum cleanliness. You should replace the Patch after the third day with a new one.

Its as simple as putting on a band aid! Put it and forget about it! Wear it to bed, at work, when out on the town, wear it anytime at all!

Benefits of using Penis Growth Patch
  Increase up to 4 FULL INCHES in penis length
  Powerful erections when you need it.
  Increase in penis girth up to 25%
  Increase in self-esteem
  Increase in ejaculation volume
  Increase in your sexual desire
  Stronger and more intensifying orgasms
Penis Enlargement Results are Simply Amazing


In a couple of weeks the most noticeable change will be longer lasting erections and the width of the penis.


Then after a month you will see a change in the length of your penis and you will notice more thicker and wider penis.


When you have an erection you will see a very noticeable change: your penis will look stronger, firmer and bigger.

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The Ingredients listed below make Penis Enlarge Patch the Best penis enlargement solution.


Yohimbe is an alkaloid isolated from the bark of the yohimbe tree, native to tropical West Africa. Yohimbe simulates the nerves that control erection, increases parasympathetic activity, which increases sexual performance, resulting in increased flow of blood to the penis. The FDA approves only yohimbe for impotence.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a general tonic for the male reproductive system. It acts to nourish the nerves, toning and strengthening the male reproductive system, particularly the prostate gland.


Menthol prepares the skin to accept the potency formula. Menthol is an alcohol extract from the oil of peppermint. Menthol is all-natural ingredient. It is an effective topical antiseptic which used to enhance the unique delivery system of the Potency Patch.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is herb known to be an impotence remedy. Gotu Kola is a natural and anti-fatigue agent, slowly building mental stamina and neural health. Gotu Kola is an excellent blood purifier and glandular tonic which is used specifically to improve memory and longevity.


American & Siberian Ginseng are powerful sources of energy for the body, which inevitably brings about stronger sexual energy. Rejuvenator, sexual stimulant, and scientifically demonstrated body fortifier against the effects of environmental stress—ginseng is an age-old male ally.


Fo-Ti is said to possess almost magical rejuvenating properties and it is especially popular with the elderly who believe it can help one maintain hair color, preserve youthfulness, and restore fertility. Fo-Ti is recommended by Eastern and Western herbalists as a tonic to maintain youthful vigor, increase energy, tone the kidneys and liver and purify the blood. Fo-Ti has been found to reduce hypertension, reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease among individuals prone to these conditions.


Damiana has been used in the United States since 1974 as an aphrodisiac to improve sexual ability and as tonic for strengthening the nervous and hormonal systems. Damiana has anti-depressant properties, thus it is excellent for treating anxiety and depression that has a predominant sexual factor.
Used to treat impotence, it possibly has a testosterone like action and works by strengthening the male system. Damiana is a prostate tonic and an anti-depressant and nutrient for sluggish sexual organs. Damiana has strong claims as a great sexual rejuvenator, whether the problem is the result of abuse or age.

Are the Penis Enlargement Results Permanent?

Yes, the penis enlargement results are permanent. You control your penis growth because once you reach your optimum size you could stop using Penis Growth Patch. We say you could stop using Penis Enhance Patch because most women can only comfortably accommodate a 9 inch penis. Anything larger than that may be too large for most women. Nine inches or more then 9 inches penis, the choice is yours.

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